The Manson on Turtle Creek

My family and I refuse to stay in any other hotel in Dallas than the Mansion on Turtle Creek and for a darn good reason!

At one point in time, there stood a privately owned European- inspired mansion n Turtle Creek Boulevard. Unfortunately, the home burnt down in the early 1920s. The family then went on a European vacation where they acquired inspiration and unique pieces to bring back to Dallas to rebuild their home. In 1979, the property was bought and by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, where they built what is now today the Mansion on Turtle Creek. turtle_creek_gallery_hotel_1 Continue reading


Rick Smith- Equifax

My roommate’s father, Rick Smith, came from Atlanta, Georgia as a highlighted speaker at SMU’s Cox School of Business. When I was initially invited to the event, I was thinking it would probably be Mr. Smith at a podium in one of SMU’s auditoriums. To my (and his) surprise, the school was hosting an honorary luncheon in his name with over 300 attendees!

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