Summer School?

Studying in the summer… no thank you! I’d rather be ANYWHERE but the classroom. But what if someone told you that you could get 6 credit hours in 6 weeks, while traveling through Central Italy. I might reconsider!

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Natalie Barbie

Ever thought about what you would want left in your name after you die? Probably not something you think about everyday… I hope!

For my Intro to Creativity class, we were given the assignment to write our own eulogy and gravestone. Instead of an actual gravestone, I would want a doll in my name, the Natalie Barbie. She’s fun, sporty, and spontaneous!


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This isn’t your Typical Entrepreneurship Class

This isn’t your usual Entrepreneurship class. How does a class of interdisciplinary students utilize a mythical structure to better understand themselves and the life of an Entrepreneur?1979515_10151925993906780_926013814_n

Through studying and applying Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey Model to that of the Entrepreneur, we are able to understand the phases and changes a person must go through as they quest for their own life’s treasure.

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Food Art- Pi Phi Lollipops


Art? Food? How about graphic design and candy? That’s more my style!

I have to give my friend Keller a shout out for helping me out on this one. When I got the assignment to make art out of food, I came up with a marketing idea as well. I came up with a design and sent it in to my Keller, who is in the candy business. He came back with these AMAZING lollipops that we’re going to give out at Pi Phi Events.

Come and get ’em!