The Manson on Turtle Creek

My family and I refuse to stay in any other hotel in Dallas than the Mansion on Turtle Creek and for a darn good reason!

At one point in time, there stood a privately owned European- inspired mansion n Turtle Creek Boulevard. Unfortunately, the home burnt down in the early 1920s. The family then went on a European vacation where they acquired inspiration and unique pieces to bring back to Dallas to rebuild their home. In 1979, the property was bought and by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts, where they built what is now today the Mansion on Turtle Creek. turtle_creek_gallery_hotel_1 Continue reading


yogasport- Baptiste


For most students right now, its crunch time for studying for exams… for me, it’s the final week to get all the yoga classes in around Dallas that I wanted to try this year. Today, it was YogaSport. I found the studio online when looking for a Baptiste studio here in Dallas. Well, this is it! The one and only. YogaSportLogo1
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My dream for starting my own Yoga and Pilates studio is fully inspired by Carly Grace Hinchman. I met her three years ago and we immediately figured out that I was her “mini-me”. She is the person who initially introduced me to Yoga and serves as a mentor in my life on and off the mat. I will be taking my first steps towards making my personal journey as an entrepreneur this coming summer. I plan to train at her newly opened studio to get my yoga teacher certification. She has taught me that I can take my passion for a hobby and make it into a career. Passion is the essential driving force behind an entrepreneur and this is something that cannot be taught. No matter what the business is, it will not be successful without the entrepreneur’s love and desire behind the practice and that right there is exactly what Carly Grace is about.

Interview with Carly Grace Hinchman; carlygraceyoga, LLC; by Natalie Scott Image 

Interview with Carly Grace Hinchman; carlygraceyoga, LLC; by Natalie Scott 

When did you realize you wanted to be an entrepreneur? Was this a particular moment or idea over time?

“After graduating college I accepted a job in management at lululemon athletica. My time was spent growing people, building community relations, and working on local events and outreach.  After a “green light” for position advancement and no new role to grow into, I grew weary and needed a new challenge.  I began to shift my focus Continue reading

Natalie Barbie

Ever thought about what you would want left in your name after you die? Probably not something you think about everyday… I hope!

For my Intro to Creativity class, we were given the assignment to write our own eulogy and gravestone. Instead of an actual gravestone, I would want a doll in my name, the Natalie Barbie. She’s fun, sporty, and spontaneous!


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