Rick Smith- Equifax

My roommate’s father, Rick Smith, came from Atlanta, Georgia as a highlighted speaker at SMU’s Cox School of Business. When I was initially invited to the event, I was thinking it would probably be Mr. Smith at a podium in one of SMU’s auditoriums. To my (and his) surprise, the school was hosting an honorary luncheon in his name with over 300 attendees!

Rick talked home life, business, and Katie’s 20th birthday that day! He told a brief story about how he went from being a wrestler at Perdue University to his current position as the CEO of Equifax. Clearly, he did something right! He was very well-spoken, where someone like myself (no business background) was able to follow his story and take something from his journey through the world of business.

The main point I took from him is that business is what makes the world spin but ultimately, you have to choose what it right for you and your family because that is what truly matters in life. He learned this after moving his family (wife and 3 daughters) eight times in 7 years. When they finally found Atlanta as their home, Rick decided they were there to stay… until their youngest graduates from high school at least!


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