Thinking Cap

The Bird of Paradise 

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This isn’t your Typical Entrepreneurship Class

This isn’t your usual Entrepreneurship class. How does a class of interdisciplinary students utilize a mythical structure to better understand themselves and the life of an Entrepreneur?1979515_10151925993906780_926013814_n

Through studying and applying Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey Model to that of the Entrepreneur, we are able to understand the phases and changes a person must go through as they quest for their own life’s treasure.

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Gabrielle Wilde

New girl crush, anyone?


Last weekend I saw Endless Love. The entire time, I was just in awe at Jade’s (Wilde) natural beauty. She barely wore any make-up the entire move and was simply flawless and genuine. You can just tell this is a girl that you want to be your new best friend.

Yes, she’s an heiress to an aristocratic English family but that doesn’t mean she’s sitting back. She was found at the age of 14 and signed with Premier Modeling Agency. Wilde made her acting debut in 2008 but did not really have her bug break until 2013 with her role as Sue in Carrie. She’s pretty new in the acting world and she’s definitely here to stay!